A Manifesto for Global Design and Local Production

  1. Fab Lab Made products include daily used objects, as well as art and design
  2. All labour involved in their production is fairly compensated
  3. Fab Lab Made products favour re-used, upcycled and local materials
  4. Shared designs with open source licences keep their value over time and should be preferred
  5. Designers and collaborators are fairly compensated for each product sold, even if their design is open
  6. Fab Lab Made products are not harmful, dangerous or illegal
  7. Fab Labs with the standard setup are able to produce most products
  8. Production is mainly targeted at local markets, long distance shipping is avoided as it hurts the planet
  9. Competition between labs shouldn’t exist as we are all part of the same global community
  10. The Fab Lab made label only aim is the sustainability of the global fab lab network and its members

Latest news

Just Launched: Made in a Fab Lab Workshop at ISIA Firenze

We are delighted to announce the next Made in a Fab Lab Workshop in Florence: May, 19-20 / 26-27 2017. This will be our first 4 days long workshop after the shorter ones in China and US. The first day will be dedicated to basic techniques and processes for digital fabrication, while the other 3 days will be each focused on a specific kind of product: consumer electronics, wearables and machines that make. Checkout the workshop page for more information.…

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